Set against the stunning backdrop of the Bavarian Alps, Rosenheim is an enchanting German city where tradition and modernity coexist. A perfect blend of architectural marvels, cultural richness, and natural beauty. Read more

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Rosenheim lies in southeastern Bavaria, close to the Austrian border. While it may not be as internationally famous as other Bavarian cities, Rosenheim offers its own unique charm. The city's beautiful town square, Max-Josefs-Platz, is surrounded by pastel-colored, ornate buildings and bustling cafes, offering a vibrant atmosphere that captures the spirit of the region. The Inn River runs through Rosenheim, providing scenic spots for outdoor activities like kayaking and riverside picnics.
Museums in the city like the Lokschuppen Exhibition Centre offer a deeper understanding of German culture and history, hosting world-class exhibits throughout the year. The city also holds various annual events such as the Rosenheim Autumn Festival and the Rosenheim Ball, bringing the community together in joyful celebration.
For nature lovers, the surrounding areas are a paradise for hiking, cycling, and winter sports. The nearby Simssee lake and the stunning Mangfall Mountains are perfect for outdoor adventures, offering breathtaking views that are worth capturing.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Rosenheim


Discover the city's heart and soul at this bustling square, home to ornate buildings and welcoming cafes.

Lokschuppen Exhibition Centre

Visit this dynamic museum known for hosting unique, world-class exhibitions on art, history, and culture.

Inn River

Relax by the scenic Inn River, which offers a range of outdoor activities like kayaking and fishing.

Rosenheim Autumn Festival

Experience local traditions and flavors at this vibrant annual festival that takes place every fall.

Mangfall Mountains

Trek through the awe-inspiring Mangfall Mountains for panoramic views of the region.

Simssee Lake

This tranquil lake offers opportunities for boating, swimming, and picnics, making it a must-visit spot for families.

Church of St. Nikolaus

This Gothic-style church is known for its impressive architecture and historical significance.

Rosenheim Ball

Be part of this glamorous annual event that is considered one of the city’s most prestigious gatherings.

Culture & Congress Centre Rosenheim

Attend a performance or conference at this modern venue which hosts a diverse array of events throughout the year.


Explore this beautiful garden, which serves as an urban oasis and showcases various sculptures and art installations.

What else to visit
In and around Rosenheim

Herrenchiemsee (23.13 km)

Located on an idyllic island in Germany's Chiemsee Lake, Herrenchiemsee Palace is a jewel of 19th-century architecture and a testament to the grandeur of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Kufstein (29.94 km)

Nestled along the Inn River and against the backdrop of the Tyrolean Alps, Kufstein is a charming Austrian town that seamlessly blends natural beauty with medieval history.

Ellmau (40.3 km)

Elmau (40.59 km)

Tour Guide (42.77 km)

Tourguide + Driver : Dear customer you pick our VIP service , you will have tourguide who will assist you all trip . our tourguides tell you all about history of visiting places all stories about it including history about king Ludvik II Our tourguides

St. Johann in Tirol (44.21 km)

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