Emerging from the Adriatic Sea like a majestic vision of the past, Rovinj is an enchanting town of cobblestone streets, Venetian architecture, and stunning coastal views. Read more

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Regarded as one of the most romantic towns on the Mediterranean, Rovinj is famous for its distinctive Old Town, which occupies a headland that was once an island. Meandering streets filled with charming boutiques, galleries, and cafes lead up to the hilltop church of St. Euphemia, the town's centerpiece. Art enthusiasts will delight in the town's bustling art scene, while foodies can savor Istrian cuisine's flavors, which is a unique blend of Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian influences. The coastline offers beautiful beaches, and the archipelago of 14 islands and islets is a haven for nature lovers.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Rovinj

Church of St. Euphemia

This baroque church stands at the highest point in Rovinj and offers panoramic views of the town and the surrounding islands. It houses the relic of St. Euphemia and features an impressive 60-meter high bell tower.

Old Town

Experience the charm of Rovinj's past by wandering its labyrinthine cobblestone streets filled with colorful houses, charming cafes, and small art galleries.

Punta Corrente (Golden Cape Forest Park)

Escape to this nearby natural park that offers tranquil walking paths, secluded beaches, and great spots for picnics, swimming, and cycling.

Rovinj Heritage Museum

Explore local history, culture, and art in this museum, located in a 17th-century baroque palace, which features a collection of paintings, sculptures, and archaeological findings.

The Rovinj Archipelago

Take a boat trip to explore this group of 14 islands and islets, famous for their lush vegetation, beautiful bays, and fascinating bird species.

Port of Rovinj

Stroll around this lively port, enjoy local seafood in its numerous restaurants, or simply watch the local fishermen as they bring in their day's catch.

The Batana House Ecomuseum

Visit this unique museum that celebrates the batana, a wooden flat-bottom boat traditionally used in Rovinj, and the local fishing culture.

Grisia Street

Don't miss this famous art street, known for its open-air gallery and the annual art exhibition where artists from around the region showcase their work.

What else to visit
In and around Rovinj

Poreč (16.47 km)

Poreč, perched along the Istrian peninsula's western coast, is a radiant mosaic of ancient Roman streets, pristine beaches, and a lively Adriatic spirit. Dive into its rich history while soaking up the sun.

Pula (28.95 km)

Located at the tip of the Croatian peninsula of Istria, Pula is an ancient city enriched with Roman architecture. With its heart in the form of a stunning amphitheatre and Mediterranean charm, Pula is a journey back in time with a taste of modern life.

Pazin (29.09 km)

Delve into the heart of Istria, where medieval tales come alive and natural wonders beckon. Pazin, the administrative center of Istria County, is a treasure trove of Croatian history, mystique, and stunning landscapes.

Motovun (31.87 km)

An enchanting hilltop town where the essence of ancient Istria is preserved amidst cobbled streets and panoramic vistas. Overlooking the Mirna River valley, this medieval marvel is an architectural gem and a magnet for cultural enthusiasts.

Umag (40.07 km)

Nestled on the Adriatic Sea's northwestern coast, Umag is a captivating Croatian town that effortlessly combines historical charm with modern allure.

Hum (43.93 km)

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