Salamanca, a radiant gem in western Spain, is universally celebrated for its glorious architecture, ancient university, and vibrant student atmosphere. Read more

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This UNESCO World Heritage city captivates with its golden sandstone buildings, offering a unique mix of history and youthful exuberance. Situated on the banks of the Tormes River, Salamanca is synonymous with its renowned University, one of the oldest in Europe. The city exudes a timeless aura, where grand plazas and historic structures narrate tales from bygone eras, while buzzing cafes and lively streets remind you of its present-day dynamism. The sun-kissed facades of its buildings, carved from Villamayor stone, radiate a warm, golden glow at sunset, earning the city the moniker "La Dorada" or "The Golden City." Renowned for its linguistic purity, Salamanca is also a preferred destination for those keen to learn the Spanish language.
A stroll through Salamanca is a journey across epochs. Its rich tapestry of art, culture, and academia welcomes all who seek knowledge, beauty, or simply the joy of discovering a city where every stone has a story to tell.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Salamanca

University of Salamanca

Founded in 1134, it's one of the oldest universities in the world. Its façade, adorned with intricate carvings, is a masterwork of the Plateresque style.

Plaza Mayor

A grand baroque square, often considered the most beautiful in Spain, it's a hub of activity with numerous cafes, shops, and events.

Casa de las Conchas

A historic building adorned with over 300 shell motifs, representing the Order of Santiago.

Old and New Cathedrals

Side by side, these cathedrals exhibit stunning architectural contrasts, from Gothic to Romanesque styles.

Convento de San Esteban

A stunning Dominican monastery with an impressive Plateresque façade and a tranquil cloister.

Clerecía Church

Characterized by its towering twin spires, it offers panoramic views of the city from its rooftops.

Huerto de Calixto y Melibea

A lush garden said to be the setting for Spain's famous 15th-century romance, "La Celestina."

Palacio de Monterrey

A magnificent example of Plateresque architecture, representing Salamanca's noble history.

Roman Bridge

Overlooking the Tormes River, this ancient bridge offers stunning views of the city's skyline.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum

Housed in Casa Lis, this museum showcases an exquisite collection of decorative arts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

What else to visit
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