San Juan de los Lagos

San Juan de los Lagos, with its deeply spiritual heart, stands as a beacon of faith and tradition amidst the serene landscapes of Jalisco, Mexico. Read more

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Visit San Juan de los Lagos in 2024

In the Highlands of Jalisco, San Juan de los Lagos emerges as the second most important pilgrimage site in Mexico after the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. This small yet significant city has been a religious focal point since the 17th century when miraculous events were attributed to a small image of the Virgin Mary, earning the town its sacred status. Thousands flock annually to the Basilica of San Juan, especially during religious festivals, filling the streets with prayers and processions. Beyond its spiritual significance, the city offers a glimpse into traditional Mexican life, with markets selling religious artifacts, local foods, and crafts. The town is characterized by its quiet parks, quaint streets, and a sense of tranquility that offers a retreat from the bustle of larger cities.
San Juan de los Lagos remains a place where the echoes of prayers and the warmth of devout hearts offer a unique Mexican spiritual sojourn, wrapped in tradition and a sense of welcoming solace.

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The most famous sights
What to do in San Juan de los Lagos

Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos

A stunning baroque basilica that is the centerpiece of pilgrimages, housing the revered image of the Virgin Mary.

Independence Plaza (Plaza de la Independencia)

The main square of the town, surrounded by historical buildings and a prime location for experiencing local life and festivities.

Parish of San Juan Bautista

An important religious building with beautiful architecture that complements the spiritual atmosphere of the town.

Temple of the Calvary (Templo del Calvario)

A significant religious site situated on a hill, providing visitors with panoramic views of the city.

San Juan de los Lagos Market

A bustling market where visitors can find a range of religious items, local handicrafts, and regional cuisine.

Cihuapilli Museum

A museum that showcases the history and devotion surrounding the Virgin of San Juan and the culture of the region.

Municipal Palace (Palacio Municipal)

An architectural landmark that serves as the government building and often features public exhibitions.

The Chapel of the First Miracle (Capilla del Primer Milagro)

A small chapel marking the site where the first miracle attributed to the Virgin of San Juan is believed to have occurred.

House of Culture (Casa de la Cultura)

Offers cultural events, art exhibitions, and workshops that reflect the rich traditions of the area.

Auditorio Municipal

A venue that hosts various cultural and entertainment events, reflecting the vibrant community spirit.

Labyrinthine Rooftops

Some areas in San Juan allow access to rooftops offering maze-like walks and views over the white and terracotta landscape of the town.

What else to visit
In and around San Juan de los Lagos

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Guanajuato (114.52 km)

Nestled in the mountains of Central Mexico, Guanajuato captivates with its colorful facades, winding alleys, and a lively atmosphere that echoes with the sounds of mariachi.

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