Sanctuary of Caravaggio

Amidst the serene landscapes of Lombardy, the Sanctuary of Caravaggio stands as a beacon of faith, drawing countless pilgrims and visitors. Revered as a sacred place of miracles, its grandeur and spiritual ambiance are simply captivating. Read more

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Visit Sanctuary of Caravaggio in 2024

Located in the town of Caravaggio, the sanctuary is officially known as the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Fountain. Its origins trace back to 1432 when a young peasant girl, Giannetta de' Vacchi, witnessed a vision of the Virgin Mary in a field. The Virgin asked Giannetta to have a church built on that site in her honor. Miraculously, a spring of water, believed to possess healing properties, emerged at the same spot. Over the centuries, the sanctuary grew in importance and became a major pilgrimage site in Northern Italy. The current structure, an imposing Baroque edifice, was constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims.
The Sanctuary of Caravaggio resonates with deep spirituality, serving as a testament to unwavering faith and divine miracles. Whether one is drawn to its religious significance or its architectural splendor, the sanctuary offers a profound experience of peace and reverence.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Sanctuary of Caravaggio

Main Basilica

The heart of the sanctuary, this vast church boasts a stunning Baroque interior with marble, frescoes, and precious artworks.

Miraculous Fountain

Believed to have healing properties, many pilgrims drink or collect its water, seeking blessings and cures.

Chapel of the Apparition

Marking the exact spot of the Virgin Mary's appearance, this chapel is a serene space for reflection and prayer.

Monumental Plaza

Surrounding the basilica, this expansive square can accommodate thousands of pilgrims and features beautiful colonnades.

Museum of Vows

Housing countless ex-voto offerings given by grateful believers, the museum offers insights into personal stories of faith and miracles.

Stations of the Cross Path

A meditative path adorned with statues depicting the Passion of Christ, allowing visitors to embark on a spiritual journey.

Sculpture of Giannetta de' Vacchi

A tribute to the young girl who witnessed the apparition, reminding visitors of the sanctuary's origins.

Sacred Art Collection

Located within the sanctuary, this collection showcases religious artifacts, paintings, and sculptures associated with the site's history.

Monastic Quarters

Historically housing the religious order managing the sanctuary, these quarters offer a glimpse into the monastic life.

Surrounding Gardens

Beautifully manicured, these gardens provide a tranquil space for contemplation amidst nature.

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