Sao Martinho Do Porto

Hidden gem on Portugal's Silver Coast. Famous for its stunning shell-shaped bay and golden beaches, this coastal paradise offers a tranquil haven for travelers looking for a blend of natural beauty and traditional Portuguese charm. Read more

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Visit Sao Martinho Do Porto in 2024

Nestled in a natural bay with calm waters, São Martinho do Porto is perfect for families and those who prefer more serene beach experiences. The bay is flanked by scenic cliffs, providing an idyllic backdrop for all kinds of water activities, from swimming and paddleboarding to kayaking. The beach itself is a stretch of golden sand, highly coveted during the summer months.
While the bay is undoubtedly the star attraction, São Martinho do Porto has other features that make it special. Its charming streets are lined with traditional Portuguese houses, cafés, and local shops selling a range of goods, from handicrafts to delicious pastries. The area is also rich in historical sites, including churches and a fort that once guarded the bay.
Seafood is a staple in local cuisine, and you'll find a variety of restaurants serving fresh fish caught daily. Being a lesser-known destination, São Martinho do Porto provides a genuine Portuguese experience, far from the crowds of more commercialized resorts.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Sao Martinho Do Porto

The Bay of São Martinho do Porto

A uniquely shell-shaped bay offering calm waters, perfect for families and water sports.

Clube Náutico

A hub for nautical activities, where you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and more.

Mercado Municipal

The local market where you can buy fresh produce and traditional Portuguese items.

Igreja de São Martinho

A charming local church named after St. Martin, the patron saint of the town.

Miradouro do Cruzeiro

A viewpoint that offers panoramic views of the bay and surrounding areas.

Fort of São Martinho do Porto

Though mostly in ruins, the fort provides a glimpse into the town's historical significance.

Praça Eng. Frederico Ulrich

The main square of the town, a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.

The Dunes

Natural sand dunes offering walking trails and another vantage point of the beautiful bay.

The Atlantic Ciclovia

A cycle path that runs along the Atlantic coast, providing a unique way to explore the area.

Local Beach Bars

A variety of beach bars where you can enjoy a drink while watching the sunset over the bay.

What else to visit
In and around Sao Martinho Do Porto

Nazaré (10.54 km)

Nazaré is where folklore meets adrenaline, a unique coastal town in Portugal known as much for its Our Lady of Nazaré Sanctuary as for its mammoth waves that attract surfers from around the world. Here, tradition and thrill coexist in sublime harmony.

Foz de Arelho (11.72 km)

Where the mighty Óbidos Lagoon kisses the vast Atlantic, Foz de Arelho emerges as a mesmerizing blend of serene waterscapes and rugged coastal beauty, creating Portugal's unique seaside paradise.

Alcobaça (13.24 km)

In the shadow of a monumental monastery, Alcobaça unfolds its tapestry of history, romance, and timeless Portuguese culture. A place where ancient stone whispers tales of love and tragedy, this town beckons the hearts of those who seek profound stories.

Caldas Da Rainha (13.36 km)

Dive into Caldas da Rainha, a city of thermal waters, art, and history, cradled within Portugal's Silver Coast. Renowned for its therapeutic springs and vibrant ceramics, this cultural haven offers a blend of relaxation and inspiration.

Óbidos (16.98 km)

Óbidos is a town and a municipality in the Oeste region, historical province of Estremadura, and the Leiria district. The town proper has approximately 3100 inhabitants. The municipality population in 2011 was 11,772, in an area of 141.55 square kilomet

Obidos (17.97 km)

Step into a living storybook as you cross the threshold of Óbidos, a charming, walled medieval town in Portugal's Estremadura region. Encapsulated by ancient fortifications, its cobbled streets and historic architecture transport visitors to another era.

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