Sasso San Gottardo

Unravel the secrets of the Swiss Alps at Sasso San Gottardo, a hidden fortress and marvel of military engineering nestled deep within the mountains. Read more

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Visit Sasso San Gottardo in 2024

Situated high in the Swiss Alps, the Sasso San Gottardo fortress once stood as a guardian, silently watching over the Gotthard Pass. This historic military installation, built during World War II, remained a well-guarded secret until the 1990s. Carved deep into the heart of the mountain, the fortress is a maze of tunnels, rooms, and artillery positions, showcasing the brilliance of Swiss engineering and the nation's steadfast commitment to neutrality. Today, it serves not as a military post, but as a testament to Switzerland's history during a tumultuous time. Visitors are invited to navigate the chilly tunnels, explore the bunkers, and immerse themselves in the exhibitions that bring the past to life.
Sasso San Gottardo stands as a silent sentinel, offering a unique blend of history, engineering prowess, and natural beauty, beckoning all to unearth its stories hidden amidst the grandeur of the Alps.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Sasso San Gottardo

Fortress Tunnels

Traverse the extensive network of tunnels, carved deep into the rock, showcasing the fortress's strategic design and offering glimpses of the life of soldiers stationed there.

Exhibition Areas

Experience interactive exhibits that delve into Switzerland's military history, the making of the fortress, and the broader context of World War II.

Artillery Rooms

Marvel at the preserved artillery positions and defense mechanisms, reflecting the fortress's primary role as a defensive stronghold.

Crystal Chamber

An unexpected gem, this chamber boasts a stunning collection of giant quartz crystals, some of which weigh over a ton, highlighting the natural treasures of the Alps.

Panoramic Views

Step outside the fortress and be greeted by breathtaking vistas of the Swiss Alps, a reminder of the strategic importance of the Gotthard Pass.

Historical Displays

Engage with displays that capture personal stories, military strategies, and the evolution of the fortress over the decades.

Guided Tours

Enhance your experience with knowledgeable guides, providing deeper insights into the history, significance, and engineering marvels of the fortress.

Original Barracks

Get a real sense of the soldier's life by exploring the barracks, showcasing their living quarters and daily routines.

Multimedia Presentations

Immerse yourself in dynamic presentations that bring the history of Sasso San Gottardo to life, from its inception to its decommissioning.

Surrounding Alpine Trails

Venture outside the fortress to explore the alpine trails, offering a blend of natural beauty and history, with remnants of other fortifications and lookout points.

What else to visit
In and around Sasso San Gottardo

Devil' s bridge (12.26 km)

Where nature's grandeur and legends intertwine, you'll find the Devil's Bridge in Switzerland's Schöllenen Gorge. Beyond its architectural marvel, it's a place where tales of deals with the devil and stunning Alpine views converge.

Grindelwald (42.7 km)

Nestled in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps, Grindelwald is a picturesque village that evokes postcard-perfect imagery. With its snow-capped peaks, architecture, and breathtaking vistas, this alpine haven offers relaxation and adventure.

Wengen (49.61 km)

Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Wengen is a car-free village with a charm that transcends time. Famous for its scenic beauty, tranquil ambiance, and world-class skiing, this mountain resort is the quintessential Alpine getaway.

Lauterbrunnen (50.49 km)

Lauterbrunnen, known as the valley of 72 waterfalls, is a picturesque village hidden among the high Swiss Alps. This enchanting place, with its imposing rock walls and flower-filled pastures, was the inspiration for Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Glasi Hergiswil Museum (50.89 km)

Step into a world of shimmering reflections at Glasi Hergiswil, Switzerland's last hand-blown glass factory, where age-old craftsmanship meets contemporary design, creating enchanting pieces of art.

Lauterbrunnen (50.92 km)

Lauterbrunnen is a village and a municipality in the Interlaken-Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

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