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Serre Chevalier (26.27 km)

Serre Chevalier, nestled in the French Alps, beckons with its pristine snow-capped peaks, vast ski terrains, and authentic alpine charm. A favorite among ski enthusiasts and nature lovers, it promises unforgettable mountain experiences.

Val Thorens (44.35 km)

Val Thorens, the pinnacle of skiing excellence in the French Alps, stands tall as Europe's highest ski resort. Renowned for its snow reliability and impressive terrain, it's a snow-lover's dream, offering a sublime blend of luxury and adventure.

Les Belleville (48.13 km)

Les Belleville, nestled in the heart of the French Alps, offers an authentic mountain experience. Encompassing iconic ski resorts and charming villages, it's where pristine slopes marry rich cultural heritage.

Les Menuires (48.64 km)

Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, Les Menuires is more than just a ski resort. It's a snowy paradise where mountain vistas meet world-class slopes, and where adventurers and families alike find solace in the pristine Alpine environment.

La Grave (48.91 km)

La Grave, nestled in the hauntingly beautiful French Alps, is renowned as one of the most challenging and untouched ski terrains in the world. Here, rugged mountainous beauty meets the thrill of off-piste skiing, promising an adventure of a lifetime.

Piedmont (51.37 km)

Nestled at the foot of the Alps, Piedmont, or Piemonte in Italian, is a region of Italy that whispers the legacy of a royal past, tempts with its unrivaled culinary treasures, and mesmerizes with its natural alpine beauty.

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