Skocjan Caves

Venture into an underground realm of awe-inspiring beauty and scale at Škocjan Caves. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, this labyrinth of limestone passages, colossal chambers, and subterranean rivers captivates all who enter its depths. Read more

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Visit Skocjan Caves in 2024

The Škocjan Caves, located in southwestern Slovenia, are one of the most exceptional subterranean cave systems in the world. The cave system stretches for several miles and includes natural phenomena like limestone stalactites and stalagmites, towering caverns, and an underground river that carves its way through the depths. The caves are well-known for the Reka River that vanishes underground, traversing a grand canyon-like gorge within the cave system itself.
Visitors are treated to a sensory experience that starts with the cool, damp air, a constant companion as they journey through the various chambers. Equally impressive are the acoustics, particularly in the massive Martel Chamber, one of the largest underground chambers in the world. The Murmuring Cave is another highlight, named for the echoing sounds created by underground water.
Because of their unique ecosystems, the Škocjan Caves are also a haven for biological research, housing rare species adapted to the cavernous environment. The caves hold significant cultural importance, with archeological evidence indicating human habitation going back thousands of years. Guided tours are available, offering visitors insight into the caves' geology, history, and importance to biodiversity.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Škocjan Caves

Martel Chamber

One of the largest known underground chambers, this colossal space is awe-inspiring in its dimensions and features a unique ecosystem.

Reka River Underground Canyon

Experience the majesty of an underground canyon shaped by the Reka River, which flows through the cave system.

Velika Dolina

A giant sinkhole leading to the cave entrance; a pathway around its rim offers stunning views.

Škocjan Education Trail

An outdoor trail that circles the caves' exterior, providing historical context and ecological information.

Murmuring Cave

Named for the distinctive sounds made by the subterranean waters, this cave is both haunting and fascinating.

The Cerkvenik Bridge

A man-made bridge inside the cave system that allows visitors to cross over a deep chasm.

Visitor Centre

Here, you can find extensive exhibits detailing the geological and historical aspects of the Škocjan Caves.

Archaeological Sites

Various locations within and around the caves show evidence of prehistoric human habitation and activity.

Observation Platforms

Scattered throughout the cave system, these platforms offer excellent spots for capturing photographs of the otherworldly environment.

Lipa Jama (Linden Cave)

Located near the main cave system, this smaller cave is also worth exploring and is a part of the Škocjan Caves Regional Park.

What else to visit
In and around Skocjan Caves

Lipica Stud Farm (8.17 km)

The name of the settlement is derived from the Slovene word lipa. The species is common in the area and is a national symbol of Slovenia. The staff at the Lipica Stud Farm plant a new linden tree for every foal born.

Trieste (16.26 km)

Trieste, a port city with a rich history, is located in the north-east of Italy. Explore its picturesque streets, elegant squares and places where the influence of Austrian, Slovenian and Italian cultures mingle to give the city its unique character.

Grotta Gigante (18.17 km)

Nestled in the Karst Plateau near Trieste, Italy, the Grotta Gigante holds the distinction of being one of the world's largest tourist caves.

Predjama Castle (20 km)

Towering cliff and mythic tales of knights and treasure, Predjama Castle in Slovenia is more than just a fortress—it's a doorway to a world of wonder. Here, history, architecture, and natural beauty merge in a spectacular display of medieval ingenuity.

Postojna Cave (21.33 km)

Slovenia's Postojna Cave is a mesmerizing underground world, famous for its unique network of limestone caves. The jaw-dropping beauty of stalactite and stalagmite formations invites visitors to explore one of the world's largest karst monuments.

Miramare Castle (21.95 km)

Nestled on a rocky promontory overlooking the serene Gulf of Trieste, Miramare Castle is a picturesque and opulent 19th-century residence.

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