Tlaxcala, a hidden gem amidst Mexico's grandeur, beckons with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and unspoiled beauty – a testament to the endurance of Mexico's smallest state. Read more

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Tlaxcala, the capital of Mexico's smallest state, is a city where history and culture converge seamlessly. Unlike many other Mexican states known for their colossal ruins, Tlaxcala prides itself on a different kind of heritage. It was once a major player during the Spanish conquest, as it allied with Cortés against the Aztecs, a decision that profoundly shaped the region's destiny. Today, Tlaxcala's charm lies in its tranquil streets, colonial architecture, and a slower pace of life that offers a respite from the bustling tourist trails. The city's center is marked by the grandeur of its plazas, churches, and government buildings, adorned with murals depicting pivotal moments from its past. Markets brimming with local crafts and textiles provide a colorful glimpse into the artistry of Tlaxcalan artisans.
The state also holds natural wonders, from the serene La Malinche National Park, home to the dormant Matlalcueye volcano, to the scenic vistas of its various valleys and plains. Tlaxcala's culinary offerings reflect a blend of indigenous and Spanish influences, tempting visitors with dishes like tlacoyos and barbacoa. Throughout the year, Tlaxcala bursts into celebration with numerous festivals, the most notable being the Carnival of Tlaxcala, where the streets come alive with parades, masks, and traditional dances.
Tlaxcala, with its understated charm, offers a journey through time and an authentic slice of Mexican culture. It's a city where every corner speaks of legends, every street preserves traditions, and every vista invites contemplation.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Tlaxcala

Basilica of Our Lady of Ocotlán

This stunning 16th-century church is a pilgrimage site, famous for its baroque architecture and the image of the Virgin Mary that is said to have miraculous origins.

Government Palace of Tlaxcala

Featuring murals by Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin, the Government Palace offers a visual history lesson of Tlaxcala through its detailed and expansive artwork.

Tlaxcala's Main Plaza (Plaza de la Constitución)

The heart of Tlaxcala, this plaza is surrounded by historic buildings and is a perfect spot to experience the city's vibrant public life.

Museo de la Memoria

Dedicated to the history of Tlaxcala, this museum provides in-depth insights into the region's cultural and political past.

La Malinche National Park

Named after the volcanic mountain La Malinche, the park offers hiking trails and is a haven for those seeking to connect with nature.

The Bullring of Tlaxcala

As one of the oldest in Mexico, this bullring is a significant cultural landmark, embodying the tradition of tauromachy in the region.

Artisan Market

Immerse yourself in local crafts and textiles, where artisans proudly display their work, offering a piece of Tlaxcalan heritage to take home.

Cacaxtla Archaeological Site

Though not within the immediate vicinity of the city center, this site is a significant part of Tlaxcalan history with its remarkable wall paintings and ruins.

Murals of the Palacio de Gobierno

The Government Palace not only houses the political heart of the state but also features walls adorned with impressive murals that narrate the history of Tlaxcala and Mexico.

Carnival of Tlaxcala

An annual event not to be missed, the carnival is a festive explosion of color, music, and dance, showcasing the deep-rooted traditions of Tlaxcalan culture.

What else to visit
In and around Tlaxcala

Cacaxtla-Xochitecatl Archeological Site (15.28 km)

Journey into the heart of ancient Mexico at Cacaxtla-Xochitecatl, where the echoes of the Olmeca-Xicalanca people still resonate among the ruins and murals that date back to the height of their civilization.

Val'Quirico (15.89 km)

Val'Quirico, a storybook village in Mexico, presents an enchanting slice of Europe with its cobbled streets and Tuscan-inspired architecture—a serene escape in the heart of Latin America.

Chautla Hacienda (25.02 km)

The Ex-Hacienda de Chautla, with its grand English-style manor, sits like a storybook castle amidst lush grounds and a tranquil lake, offering a glimpse into Mexico's opulent past.

Puebla (30.81 km)

Puebla, a cultural gem nestled in the heart of Mexico, offers a vivid tableau of colonial architecture, gastronomic excellence, and a rich tapeorial history.

Exconvento de Calpan (33.74 km)

The Exconvento de Calpan stands as a silent narrator of Mexico's profound history, an architectural relic that embodies the fusion of Spanish and indigenous cultures.

Atlixco (50.52 km)

Atlixco, known as "the city of flowers," blooms in the heartland of Puebla, Mexico, with its vibrant floral displays and serene climate, beckoning travelers to its colorful streets and tranquil gardens.

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