Step into Évora, a time capsule of architectural wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage treasure, where ancient Roman temples stand tall beside medieval churches, all encircled by centuries-old walls. Dive deep into Portugal's historic heartland. Read more

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Évora, nestled in the Alentejo region of Portugal, offers a rich tapestry of history stretching over two millennia. It serves as a living museum, where cobbled streets lead to architectural marvels from various epochs – Roman, Gothic, Moorish, and Baroque, to name a few. The city's significance as a center of learning, culture, and spirituality is evident in its historic university, cathedrals, and palaces. Beyond the monuments, Évora offers a vibrant culture infused with regional wines, flavorful Alentejano cuisine, and the warmth of its inhabitants. Olive groves and cork oaks dot the landscape around this historic gem, further accentuating its allure.
Évora is a symphony of the epochs gone by, intertwined with the vibrancy of modern-day life. As you traverse its ancient alleyways, a story unfolds – of civilizations, faiths, and cultures that have left an indomitable mark on this Alentejano gem.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Évora

Roman Temple

Commonly referred to as the Temple of Diana, this well-preserved ancient structure dates back to the 1st century AD, a testament to Évora's Roman legacy.

Évora Cathedral (Sé de Évora)

A magnificent Romanesque-Gothic cathedral built between the 12th and 13th centuries. Its rooftop offers panoramic views of the city.

Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones)

A unique chapel adorned with human bones and skulls, reminding visitors of the transitory nature of life.

Praça do Giraldo

The city's main square, surrounded by arcades, is a hub for cafes, shops, and cultural events.

University of Évora

Established in the 16th century, it is one of the oldest universities in Portugal, boasting a mix of Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque architectural styles.

Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval

An iconic structure blending various architectural styles, overlooking the Roman Temple.

Évora Museum

Housed in a 16th-century archbishop’s palace, the museum showcases a rich collection of art and artifacts from the region's history.

Aqueduto da Água de Prata (Silver Water Aqueduct)

A 16th-century aqueduct, stretching for miles, was pivotal in bringing water to Évora.

Cromeleque dos Almendres

Situated outside the city, it is a significant megalithic complex with stone circles and standing stones reminiscent of Stonehenge.

Public Garden (Jardim Público)

A serene green oasis offering walking paths, ancient statues, and a small pond, perfect for relaxation.

What else to visit
In and around Évora

Monsaraz (46.88 km)

Atop a hill overlooking the serene Alqueva Dam, Monsaraz is a fairy-tale medieval village in Alentejo region. With its whitewashed houses, ancient castle, and panoramic views, Monsaraz offers a journey back in time amidst breathtaking landscape.

Elvas (72.86 km)

Step into Elvas, the star-fort city that stands sentinel on the eastern frontier of Portugal. With its formidable ramparts and panoramic vistas of the Alentejo plains, Elvas narrates tales of sieges, resilience, and unparalleled architectural prowess.

Comporta (79.41 km)

Comporta, a tranquil coastal haven tucked amidst Portugal's Alentejo region. Boasting pristine beaches, verdant rice fields, and a laid-back vibe, Comporta is the epitome of understated luxury, where nature and sophistication find their perfect harmony.

Setubal (84.73 km)

Setúbal (85.79 km)

Setúbal is a vibrant port city in southern Portugal where the River Sado meets the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its rich maritime history, scenic waterfront, and delectable seafood, Setúbal is a treasure trove of cultural and natural wonders.

Palmela (85.86 km)

Palmela is a picturesque town often touted as the "Balcony of the Lisbon Region." With a medieval castle guarding its hilltop and sprawling vineyards below, Palmela is a captivating blend of history and natural beauty.

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