Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is brimming with history and culture. Explore its baroque atmosphere, beautiful squares and parks, and let yourself be carried away by the picturesque streets full of cafes, galleries and local markets. Read more

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Zagreb is the historical and cultural centre of Croatia, situated on both sides of the Sava River. The city is divided into Upper and Lower Town, which are connected by a unique overland cable car. The Upper Town is the older part of Zagreb with narrow streets, historic houses and an impressive cathedral. The Lower Town is more modern, with beautiful parks, museums and wide boulevards. Visitors can admire the Central European architecture, visit the many museums and galleries or attend local festivals and events. Zagreb is also a great base for outdoor excursions, such as to the nearby Medvedgrad Castle or the Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Parks.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Zagreb

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Monumental Gothic cathedral, one of the most important and tallest buildings in Croatia.

Trg bana Jelačića (Ban Jelačić Square)

Zagreb's main square, surrounded by historic buildings, cafes and shops.

Mimara (Mimara Museum)

An art museum with a rich collection of works from ancient to modern times.


Traditional outdoor market where visitors can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and other local products.

Tkalciceva ulica

A lively pedestrian zone with many bars, cafes and restaurants, ideal for eating and relaxing.

The funicular railway

A short funicular connecting the Lower and Upper Town, offering a nice view of Zagreb.

Museum of Broken Relationships

An unusual museum dedicated to stories and objects from broken relationships that catches the attention of visitors.

Gornji Grad (Upper Town)

The historic part of Zagreb with narrow streets, baroque churches, squares and charming houses.

Zagreb Zoo (Zoološki vrt grada Zagreba)

A large zoo park with many species of animals, located in the beautiful Maksimir Park.

Medvedgrad Castle

Medieval castle with impressive ruins and panoramic views of Zagreb and its surroundings, ideal for nature excursions.

What else to visit
In and around Zagreb

Zagreb AirPort (11.1 km)

As the primary gateway to Croatia's bustling capital, Zagreb Airport (Franjo Tuđman Airport) stands as a modern testament to the country's growing popularity among travelers. Seamlessly blending functionality with design.

Samobor (20.83 km)

At the foothills of the Samobor mountains, Samobor is a picturesque town known for its medieval charm, lush landscapes, and rich gastronomy. A blend of historical heritage and natural beauty, Samobor is Croatia's hidden gem, waiting to be discovered.

Otočec Castle (57.44 km)

Perched on an islet in the middle of the emerald Krka River, Otočec Castle is Slovenia's only water castle, exuding an air of romance, medieval charm, and unparalleled beauty. It's a captivating fusion of nature, architecture, and history.

Otočec (58.81 km)

Imagine a castle nestled on an islet, surrounded by the tranquil flow of the Krka River. Otočec, in Slovenia, is that enchanting destination, painting a romantic picture straight out of a fairy tale.

Varazdin (61.72 km)

Varaždin, known as Croatia's "City of Baroque," invites visitors to step back in time. With its cobbled streets, ornate architecture, and vibrant festivals, it's a perfect blend of historical charm and contemporary culture.

Ptuj (68.13 km)

As Slovenia's oldest town, Ptuj stands as a testament to millennia of history, art, and culture. Overlooking the Drava River, its cobbled streets and medieval charm captivate every visitor, making it a timeless journey through Europe's legacy.

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