Czech Republic
Zbrasov Aragonite Caves

Delve deep into the Earth's wonders at the Zbrasov Aragonite Caves in the Czech Republic. Located in the Teplice nad Bečvou spa town, these mystical underground chambers are one of Europe's rare aragonite cave systems. Read more

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Visit Zbrasov Aragonite Caves in 2024

The Zbrasov Aragonite Caves are a subterranean marvel, featuring an array of intricate aragonite formations that decorate the cave walls like intricate pieces of art. Discovered in 1912, these caves are unique not just in Czechia but also in Europe, as they feature aragonite crystals in various shapes and sizes that take millennia to form. The caves maintain a constant temperature year-round, which has therapeutic benefits and is part of the reason the caves are located near a spa town.
A tour through the Zbrasov Aragonite Caves is an educational journey that allows visitors to learn about the geological processes that led to the formation of these natural wonders. Well-lit and guided tours showcase fascinating chambers, crystal formations, and even small lakes. It's a surreal experience, walking through halls that look like they belong in a fantasy novel, but are, in fact, the results of natural processes.

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The most famous sights
What to do in Zbrasov Aragonite Caves

Aragonite Formations

Admire the stunning crystal structures that give the caves their name, each an intricate masterpiece formed over millennia.

Guided Cave Tours

Benefit from the expertise of local guides who will walk you through the mesmerizing chambers, providing fascinating geological insights.

Therapeutic Cave Chamber

Discover the chamber within the caves that is believed to have health benefits due to its stable microclimate.

Teplice nad Bečvou Spa

Take a relaxing spa day after your cave exploration. The town is renowned for its healing waters.

Geological Exhibits

A small museum near the cave entrance provides further information on the geological processes that formed the caves.

Underground Lakes

Marvel at the small, serene bodies of water within the cave system that add to the ethereal experience.

Hiking Trails

The surrounding area offers several scenic trails for those interested in extending their natural exploration above ground.

Local Souvenir Shops

Pick up mineral and crystal-themed mementos to remember your unique journey.

Bečva River

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Bečva River which flows near the caves, providing opportunities for peaceful riverside walks.

Nearby Historical Sites

Explore other regional attractions like castles and historical buildings to make the most of your trip.

What else to visit
In and around Zbrasov Aragonite Caves

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