Czech Republic
Zámek Sychrov

In the rolling landscapes of the Czech countryside, Zámek Sychrov stands as a testament to neo-Gothic elegance, a castle surrounded by lush parks that whisper the legacy of Bohemian aristocracy. Read more

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Nestled in the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic, Zámek Sychrov is a regal example of neo-Gothic architecture. Once the residence of the French Rohan family, exiled nobility who settled in Bohemia, the castle's current appearance dates back to the 19th century when extensive renovations were undertaken. The interiors are a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship, with rich wood paneling, intricate carvings, and a collection of French portrait paintings – one of the largest in Central Europe. Sychrov Castle is not only an architectural gem but also a cultural haven, often hosting classical concerts, theatrical performances, and art exhibitions. The surrounding English-style park, dotted with rare tree species, statues, and greenhouses, provides a serene escape into nature. Sychrov’s legacy as a noble residence has been preserved in every corner, offering visitors a glimpse into the splendor of bygone eras.
Zámek Sychrov serves as a cultural anchor in the Czech countryside, its historical narrative etched into the elaborate stonework and echoed in the hallways, standing as an enduring symbol of the region's aristocratic heritage.

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What to do in Zámek Sychrov

The Castle's Interior

With ornate salons, a private chapel, and a library, the interior is replete with original furnishings that evoke the opulence of the nobility who once lived here.

The French Portrait Gallery

The castle boasts an extensive collection of aristocratic portraits, providing an insight into the fashions and faces of the European high society of the past.

The English Park

Sychrov’s English park is a sprawling landscape of tranquility, featuring a variety of trees, serene walking paths, and sculptures that enhance the romantic atmosphere.

The Orangery

Originally used to grow exotic fruits, the Orangery now serves as a space for botanical appreciation and various events throughout the year.

The Greenhouse

A remnant of the castle's self-sustaining features, the Greenhouse still nurtures a variety of plant species, continuing the traditions of the estate.

The Castle’s Chapel

This sacred space within the castle complex is adorned with stained glass and religious art, reflecting the spiritual life of the Rohan family.

Rohan Craft Days

An annual event where craftspeople showcase traditional skills, giving live demonstrations and interactive experiences in the castle grounds.

The Arboretum

Part of the park, the arboretum is home to a collection of tree species both native and exotic, some of which are centuries old.

The Statues

Scattered throughout the park, a series of statues adds an artistic layer to the natural beauty, each with its own history and story.

What else to visit
In and around Zámek Sychrov

Sychrov Castle (0 km)

Nestled in the heart of Bohemia, Sychrov Castle dazzles with its fairytale allure and Neo-Gothic elegance. Step into a world adorned with ornate furnishings, exquisite gardens, and a captivating history featuring Czech nobility and the French aristocracy.

Jested Moutain (13.91 km)

Ještěd is not just a peak but a symbol of Czech modernism that merges nature and architecture. Perched high above the city of Liberec, the mountain features a futuristic hotel and a TV tower that have become icons of Czech design and engineering.

Johannisburg (13.91 km)

Along the meandering River Main, Johannisburg in Germany exudes an aura of timeless charm. Dominated by the grandeur of the Schloss Johannisburg, this picturesque town is a blend of rich history, Baroque architecture, and serene riverfront landscapes.

Kost (15.49 km)

Situated in the picturesque region of Bohemian Paradise in the Czech Republic, Kost Castle is a gothic fortress that perfectly embodies medieval charm. Surrounded by lush forests and serene ponds, it's a journey back in time.

Liberec (15.65 km)

Nestled in the shadow of the Jizera Mountains, Liberec is a fusion of historical charm, architectural wonders, and pristine natural beauty waiting to be explored.

Lomnice nad Popelkou (22.73 km)

Tucked away amidst the verdant landscape of the Czech Republic, Lomnice nad Popelkou stands as a serene sentinel of history, culture, and nature's bounty.

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